Knowledge gives you the power to make positive decisions for yourself, and to help other people when they don't know what to do. Some people think using drugs can be fun, but it can bring more than its fair share of problems. Drugs can cause problems with your parents, your friends and your health. You risk getting addicted and even sudden death, not to mention the stupid things you might do when you are under the influence, including getting in trouble with the law.
The best way to avoid the potential problems that you could get yourself into using both legal and illegal drugs is not take any at all! That said, here at Breakthru we are aware that curiosity and experimentation is a natural element of human development and drug use can be part of that for many young people.
The A-Z section of our website tells you about different types of drugs, the risks associated with them and what's known about their short and long-term effects. You can find out about drugs and the law and where to get help if you need it.